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September 01, 2016

It is 8km far away from Mang Den center town, heading for a dense jungle. About Mang Den, from Kontum City, I went along national highway 55km to the South East to reach Kon Ray

I was lying in a small tent, right next to Pa Sy waterfall. It is 8km far away from Mang Den center town, heading for a dense jungle. About Mang Den, from Kontum City, I went along national highway 55km to the South East to reach Kon Ray, covered 12km of Mang Den pass. Yes, I finally here, Mang Den center town. With just 12km long, Mang Den challenged me with curved, ugly landslips but we had once in a lifetime chance to see the whole breathtaking view from two sides of the pass, mountains gathering side by side, small villages looming in the distance. It is not wrong at all when people call it a 2nd Dalat of Tay Nguyen area. Indeed, there were some coincidences between the two, rows of evergreen pine trees protected the town, cool weather under a beautiful sun, Dak Ke Lake in the centre of the town reminded me of the peaceful Xuan Huong Lake. Yet, other things were completely different from Dalat. Just a thinly populated town, no motorbikes or any vehicles, the largest street in area with 3 meters wide is purely a walking street for children gathering and playing around. Incomplete infrastructure, poor tourism, that's why I saw in Mang Den. Going a little bit farther into the heart of the town, I was totally surprised by the number of hotels and villas here, they were just like a carpet of mushrooms when rainy season was to come. Just a few second later, I figured out there existed a famous place of pilgrimage, Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima. However, this place was just filled with people during the pilgrimage period, when it came as a normal daily life, the hotels and villa were just like the haunted places, ain't nobody visited. That's the reason why I knew Mang Den, my besties and I partly want to have a picnic party in our brand new tent, and also partly because the feeling of living in a dark, quiet jungle is so great that we can't even.

Dating back 3 or 4 years ago, Pa Sy waterfall was a new comer in the list of tourism activities. Way to Pa Sy was full of dangerous obstacles, coupled with the dangerous and ain't no fun route to Mang Den, Pa Sy appeared completely deserted. I didn't mind it anyway, I preferred places with very few people, for the inner peace perhaps haha. Services in Pa Sy waterfall like motels, food and beverage were just too cheap to recover the starting capital (:v) so the government decided to build another big gate to collect admission. On arrival, I saw a couple taking selfie for just awhile then quickly leaved. I was embraced by a humid atmosphere of tropical forest after a pouring rain, somehow scary as I kept thinking of some spirits wandering round and round. Having a quick look around, my heart missed a beat when coming across a wooden statue, with the face carved meticulously on the side hill.

Calmed down, I realized there was not just one but thousands of statues scattering in the forest, sneaking behind the trees, with different shapes: a man, a woman, an old man, a chicken, a peacock, ... I just had in my a thought that I was standing right in front of a cemetery of an old tribe. We decided to pitch the green tent and had an overnight at the waterfall. An old man, as a forest warden came before we started to make a fire, he told us to pull down the tent and take rest in hotel nearby or he would report this to the government. After our 30 mins convincing with hundreds of reasons, he nodded his head, not forgot to tell us be careful, wild animals usually came here for water at night. Our freaking timid eyes met each other. The mobile phone ran out of battery right in time.

Having a quick meal, two other friends sneaked in the tent for fear of tiger.... Couldn't sleep, I wrote these lines to drive away the scary feeling haha. Freaky sounds of jungle, coupled with the waterfall's voices and the image of the hill full of mysterious statue, they were just not what I imagine when in jungle.

Hang Do

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