Hoian Mates is a non – profit organization run by local students in Danang and Hoian through local tours. It was formed in 17th October, 2015 with a big desire to create a friendly environment for students to practice English, get experience and give them personal development. Hence, your attendance in student tours will encourage us to support local community and give students good chances to learn and progress. Hoian Mates is proud of our key mission, vision and values in anything we do.


I. Hoian Mates’s mission

- We always try to give our members precious chances to practice, experience and change their thoughts to help them develop well and provide them with vital skills for the jobs in the future (English skills, soft skills, management skill, leadership skill, etc).

- All the members of Hoian Mates are seen as trustworthy local travel mates who always support the tourists coming to Hoian and happily provide tourists with things to do in Hoian.

- We hope to give the tourists amazing experiences with really local tours at the villages that still keep unique manners and customs as well as the traditional value.

II. Hoian Mates’s vision

- Hoian Mates is a great place to work because you will see active and passionate students who always make great contributions to local community.

- Our duty is to continuously support to improve the quality of life for local people by expanding local tours. Specifically, we will guide tourists around villages, let them interact with local life as well as local people, and then they will work together and give donation to local family afterwards

- We make sure that the high quality of free tour guides, services and their efforts to make a difference in community.

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I. Tra Que Village Private day tour

General Information:

Tra Que is a small village located 3km north of Hoian ancient town. The village has long been known for growing many kinds of vegetables: lettuce, salad, houttuynia, flagrant knoutwed, basil and coriander vegetables etc, with which the traditional specialities of Hoi An have gained part of their fame. It’s great chance to see local farmers take care their vegetable farm by traditional way and enjoy peaceful life of local people.


Visit 3 destinations and do 2 activities.

  • Tan An Market: how to choose good meats, fresh vegetable and how to use it to treat diseases
  • Chuc Thanh Pagoda: to learn about Buddhism and architecture in combination with culture.
  • Tra Que village: how to prepare soil, grow vegetable and fertilize it.
  • To ride buffalo: To learn how to ride buffalo
  • To eat local food: To enjoy local foods: “TamHuu”, “BanhXeo” rice pancake, banana blossom salad, tuna with tomato sauce, Vietnamese rice, …

II. Kim Bong carpentry private day tour

General Information:

Kim Bong village is very famous for its carpentry, as almost all Hoian ancient architecture was built by their ancestors’ talented hands. This pleasant bike tour gives the cyclist not only a experience to learn traditional carpentry, but also a fantastic sampling of the countryside of Vietnam, meandering through stunning rural scenes, rice paddies, villages, fields of water buffaloes and local life. This bike tour was created as we would love to give memories which will remain with you forever.


To visit 6 destinations:

  1. Boat making workshop

  2. – To maintain tradition carpentry
    – To see how a boat is made
  3. HuynhRi shop

  4. – How a woodcarving product is made
    – To browse handcraft products
  5. Noodle making house

  6. – To Interact with local people
    – To know a typical life of local people
    – To learn how to make noodle and rice paper
    – To make noodle by yourself and enjoy it
  7. Sleeping mat house

  8. – To learn how to make sleeping mat
    – To weave it by yourself
  9. Punt making house

  10. – To learn how to make a punt
    – To interact with local people.

III. Hoi An Walking City private day tour

General Information:

Ancient and peaceful, Hoi An is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam. Once a bustling port Hoi An town is now a World Heritage Site whose buildings and street plan reflect the influences, both local and foreign, that have combined to produce this unique town.Wonderful people, fantastic foods, world famous tailors and beautiful lanterns, Hoi An will captivate you with its beauty and worldly charm.


To visit 4 destinations and do 2 activities