Let us tell our STORIES

2006 witnessed the growing development of tourism industry in Vietnam. For foreigners, it is quite difficult to know where to go, what to eat and how to enjoy local experiences, which creates a demand of tour guide services in the local country. For Saigon Hotpot, our management team at that time, with the background and passion for tourism and travelling, also realized limited abilities of language of university students in Ho Chi Minh City, where are attracting most students from all over the country. That's how Saigon Hotpot is established and develops till nowadays.

With the free guide services, tourists will have one day to go famous attractions in Ho Chi Minh City or get to local houses and join Vietnamese traditional meals with local companions. Beside that, we also organize an annual charity program called Sky Lantern with an aim to support unprivileged children in rural areas, and other activities like Culture Exchange.

With nearly one decade of establishing and thriving, we are increasingly improving our services everyday as well as gradually expanding the model to guarantee the satisfaction of foreginers to become the top free tour provider in Ho Chi Minh City.

Our missions

In Saigon Hotpot, we have main concerns on how far we can grow and expand our services, which the orientation is placed on our top priorities. From 2006 till now, all our programs and activities are following the missions below, which continuously are the principles for us to build up and implement new projects in future.

Provide treasurable experiences for foreigners when travelling to Vietnam.

Create proactive environments for local students to improve communication abilities.

Promote cultural exchange and the beauty of Vietnam to the world.

To have solid steps on our long-term development, which are now reaching to foreigners in more than 20 countries and university students from all three regions in Vietnam, we have a firm belief in four following values as a guideline for our operation:


We work with interests and passions for tourism, with the goodwill and eager-to-learn attitude and in-transparency commitment.


We welcome everyone from all over the world to have funny moments with us in Ho Chi Minh City.


We appreciate and welcome all nationalities. Any forms of discrimination, in Saigon Hotpot, will be dismissed.


Let's push back cultural barriers and stimulate your curiosity. We ensure your time will be fulfilled with interesting knowledge and memorable experiences.

Our activities

We offer landscape and cultural tours with local guides and other supporting programs.

To encourage cultural communication and create social impacts, we hold charity programs (Sky Lantern) and culture events (Culture Exchange) every year.


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