Is this the first, the second or the x time you have been to Ho Chi Minh city, or as many people intimately call “Saigon”? It does not matter how many times you went to Saigon, beside the signature places there are still a lot to offer. From the perspective of local student, we would like to be your partners from little alleys to corners of the streets to discover the hidden historic building and unique cuisine that creates the “true” Saigon.


Pick-up / Drop-off location: Your accommodation – or any demanded location within the city center that is convenient for you

Schedule time: Half morning tours: 8AM – 12PM

Recommended sites: banh mi Hoa Ma, Cheo Leo coffee, museum of hidden arsenal, the chessboard market, Do phu coffee, … If you want your own tour, don’t hesitate to drop us your preferences. We will tailor and make your trip most memorable.


Fees: Free

  • ***Notice: You are only in need of covering all the entrance fees, transportation, meals and beverages (if any) for you and our guides


Transportation: Taxi / Walking / Bus / Grab – ride hailing app

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Notes: 8am - 12pm (half morning), 1.30 PM- 4.30PM (half afternoon) & 9 AM - 3PM (full day)

It's such an honour for Saigon Hotpot to accompany you in Saigon. However, all of your bookings must be submitted at least 5 days in advance. In case of urgent requests (less than 5 days prior to your tour dates), please kindly direct your email to our Tour Operation Team at tour@saigonhotpot.com, or contact our Tour Operator via Whatsapp (+84 165 601 4281)