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    New free tour- field trip

    by  • 7 March, 2014

    As February drew to close, we – 9 Hotpoters – found ourselves in a wonderful trip to Go Vap district. We feel so excited for we haven’t met each others for a long time and for being about to explore Sai Gon in our own ways.

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    TOUR GUIDE OF THE MONTH – February 2014

    by  • 14 March, 2014

    “…she was excellent. Not only did she know a lot about her city and the history of Vietnam, she also made a real effort to know more about my own country…” – this is what our guest said about Tour Guide of the month – Feb 2014.

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    by  • 6 March, 2014

    Love market, where people express their love.

    It is a stereotype that true love is something intangible, unexplainable. For thousands of years, numerous artists and poets have been trying their best to figure out what love really is; unfortunately, none of them was successful. It is quite understandable that you may now be wondering whether we are about to tell you...

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    Saigon Hotpot and its 7-year journey 2006-2013.

    by  • 22 February, 2014

        SAIGON HOTPOT CLUB’S MILESTONES   2006: 8 students joined in “Nhìn” project  including Phương Linh, Mỹ Ngọc, Thúy Hà, Diễm Châu,  Vĩnh Nguyên, Tú Anh, Kim Tuyến, Đình Thọ. They started the idea of forming a voluntary tour guide group for foreigners in HCMC. November 11, 2006: Official establishment of Saigon Hotpot...

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