“Learning a foreign language, and the culture that goes with it is one of the most useful things we can do to broaden the empathy and imaginative sympathy”

Michael Gove

Vietnamese rural areas witness an existing issue that unprivileged children suffering from low living standards and lack access to education. It has lead to negative consequences with high dropout rate and large amount of children cannot go to school.

Interestingly, students coming from rural areas in Vietnam are believed to have proven outstanding abilities. What if their talents is wasted when they are not able to approach to education facilities? What if they could turn into a heavy burden for society in future without conditions to boost their knowledge and skills? And how we can give them a hand to facilitate their abilities and improve health and education conditions in these areas?

Having strong concerns, Sky Lantern is an annual charity program on Mid Autumn Festival as a solution to this rising issue. The project is carried out based on the mission of contributing sustainable support in healthcare and education for children and raising awareness of young generation to create their social values for the community.

Our Journey

So far, our club has carried out 4 Culture Exchange programs with various and interesting themes:


Once Upon a Time

Amazing race version Saigon Hotpot.


Run Or Hunt

A thrilling chasing game around city center to learn more about Saigon.


Finding TET

The beauty in the Vietnamese traditional Tet holiday.


Vibrant Mekong

Understanding the culture of the West of Vietnam through their wet rice culture and melodious traditional songs.

A Trip On Destiny


A learning journey for 1 month and a half.

Words are hardly enough to express my feeling during the whole project. All I can say is the sincere thank to everyone who has supported this project.

Thanks to my beloved teammates, we were able to bring a meaningful day to FIU students and Saigon Hotpot students. Your devoted contribution has been paid with the satisfaction of participants. I am so proud you guys.

Thanks to Collaborators who did not mind spending time joining us. Your enthusiasm and excitement made the day of an event more interesting and successful.

Thanks to my club – Saigon Hotpot for bringing us together and giving us this precious chance to work and live with our passion. I always love you as the first reason I chose you to be my next family.

Lastly, thanks to myself for being strong enough to go until the end of the journey.




Thuy Duong


“Certain people enter our life at the perfect time, for the most beautiful reasons and you know right away it was a gift from God” – Brigitte Nicole.

It was a day like other ordinary days I’d passed during my 20 years of life, which later became one of the rightest days ever happened. I just clicked the link to sign up for 2018 Culture Exchange day, which also ultimately turned out to be one of the rightest decision I’ve ever made.

2018 Culture Exchange was the main boosting engine for our friendships to blossom. I think everybody’s capable of comprehending those familiar feelings which make us sit together and freely share every story and experience, even we only first met the others.

I want to write more about the Culture Exchange day and the night street food tour. But I’ll keep it for myself, as the precious memories that can make me feel better whenever I break down. And if I write all them down, plus my prolix explanations and stupid comments, it may cost me days, or even weeks to finish.

As a member of Saigon Hotpot, I’ve never stopped being surprised by having new good friends from all over the world. God give me a life full of ironic tragedies and deeply painful memories. Then God gives me people who I can trust to share with them my story which will be kept with no leakiness. “Goodbye” is the only word that I don’t want to use right now. I will say “See you later” and thereby comes a reunion in the future! See you later, guys!

Lai Tran Quoc Anh

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