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We love wandering around, talking, sharing things about our lovely Saigon.

We walk with you from streets to alleys, telling hundreds little things 'bout the city Saigon, hearing you back your talks about your country, then we learn and grow with all these exchange stories. That's what we have aimed to gain and have done through 10 years gone by.

The best way to explore beautiful Far East Pearl (Saigon) and make your trip here meaningful than ever, is to get started, with us, with Saigon Hotpot. Budget cuts and interest grows. If you were to wonder why it's all free, that's written in our mind as we love where we live, making friends from all over the world know the real Saigon, like a local does. It's all about the great feeling of sharing culture, we, in return, get to know more about your countries, enhancing our knowledge without paying any fees going abroad. By prioritizing your experiences and memories, we make your time truly treasurable.

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Print out social impacts on the book of unprevilleged children.


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