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Admin_Mar - October 3, 2021

“Lockdown”, “isolation”, or “closed flights” are definitely words that describe the tourism industry and all industries in general at the moment. Not only does it have an impact on the tourist industry as a whole, but it also has an impact on travel demand. Follow many analysts expect that the rise of sectors, particularly the tourism industry, would be enormous after the epidemic situation is completely controlled in other countries. Because when a large number of individuals stay at home, there is a strong urge to get out, travel, and explore. As a result, to alleviate part of the desire to travel, as well as to have a taste of Saigon before. Let’s have a look at the Youtube channels available right now.

1.Best Ever Food Review Show:

Firstly, if you are a foodie and an explorer in Saigon, this is undoubtedly a channel for you. You can witness scenes of people and locations in Saigon in addition to the foods that Sony – the host of this channel reviews and experiences. In addition to Vietnam, you also have the opportunity to discover the cuisine of many countries around the world through this youtube channel.

Thumbnail from the video “10 Street Foods UNDER $1 in Saigon, Vietnam!!! Street Food Dollar Menu 2!”

Thumbnail from the video “10 Street Foods UNDER $1 in Saigon, Vietnam!!! Street Food Dollar Menu 2!” (Source: Best Ever Food Review Show Youtube Channel)

2. Divert Living:

Unlike Best Ever Food Review Show, this is a channel that includes footage of culture, people, and prominent places in addition to food. Not only can you visit Saigon, but also many other destinations in Vietnam and other countries.

6_youtuberThumbnail from the video “Exploring Vietnam China Town (SAIGON District 5) 🇻🇳”s_help_you_explore_saigon_through_screen_06

Thumbnail from the video “Exploring Vietnam China Town (SAIGON District 5) 🇻🇳” (Source:Divert Living Youtube Channel)

3. Mark Wiens:

This is another food-related YouTube channel, but this one takes a different, more honest, and interesting approach. Mark Wiens’ videos aren’t just about food; they’re also about the culture and basic behavior of the people who live there. The majority of the countries he visited were Asian countries.

Mark Wiens is trying "ComTam". Signature foods in VietNam

 25 must-eat dishes in Ho Chi Minh City, recommended by US blogger (Source: Vietnam Investment Review.)

4.Jason Billam Travel:

Despite the fact that there are only two videos exploring Saigon and twelve other videos about Vietnam, they illustrate the beauty, bustle, and warm personalities that people in Saigon and Vietnam have demonstrated. Jason Billam focuses on two areas of food and culture in each nation he visits in each film.

Thumbnail from the video “HO CHI MINH CITY (SAIGON) CRAZY NIGHTLIFE 🇻🇳”

 Thumbnail from the video “HO CHI MINH CITY (SAIGON) CRAZY NIGHTLIFE 🇻🇳”  (Source: Jason Billam Travel Youtube Channel)


Although the videos on this channel are short (1 to 6 minutes), they are entertaining. Unlike other channels that we’ve listed beloved, this channel is carried out by Vietnamese ekip. Show the most notable cultural attractions and dishes to international visitors so they may see and feel them. You can also sense the youth, diversity, and dynamism that this Youtube channel exhibits.

Thumbnail from the video “Về đâu tiếng rao hàng rong trong ồn ã và lặng yên?”

 Thumbnail from the video “Về đâu tiếng hàng rong ồn ả và lặng yên” (Source: Saigoneer Youtube Channel)


RICE takes a new approach to discovering Saigon. People, jobs, and even food are all featured in the videos. The scenes are not only unique, colorful, and professional, but they also carry important messages and meanings.

Cho Lon, is one of market biggest and see though Saigon past thousand years

Thumbnail from the video “DISTRICT ICONIC – CHO LON” (Source: RICE Youtube Channel)

There are six Youtube channels, each with a different color scheme and feature set. To learn more, follow the links to your favorite YouTube channels. Also, don’t forget to show your support for the upcoming posts on saigonhotpot.vn

Written by Kurt Nguyễn

Image Source: Google and Kurt Nguyễn


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