Frequently asked QUESTIONS

1. Is it allowed for us to skip some destinations included in the package and see other sites with your tour guides?

The answer is YES. We are pleased to tailor the tours to fit your preferences. Please inform us in advance about where you want to go or what you want to eat, so that we can help you better.

2. For some reasons, I am not able to eat some specific foods. How can I enjoy the rich food culture in Ho Chi Minh City?

There is email confirmation before the tour. Please feel free to tell us about your preferences and requirements in that email or you can inform directly to your tour guides.

3. We have interests in your history and geography as we want to travel to some historical sites like Cu Chi Tunnel. Do you provide the tour Cu Chi Tunnel?

At present, we do NOT provide the tour package to Cu Chi Tunnel. We are now in the process of developing our tour packages. If you really want one-time experiences to visit these landmarks, please feel free to tell us, so that we can give our recommendations with reasonable prices for your enjoyment.

4. We wish to discover more about your traditional and street food in Saigon. Do you have any recommendations?

Please remember first that we do NOT receive any commissions from any restaurants or local food shops, therefore, our reviews and recommendations are based on the feedbacks of foreigners and our experiences.

If you are first-visitors, there are some traditional food must to enjoy. They are:

  • Com tam (Broken rice with grilled pork and meatloaf)
  • Banh mi
  • Bun cha (Kebab rice noodles)
  • Bun rieu
We are now creating our blog to review and give you Saigonese life. You can find the whole food culture and our suggestions on this page Blog.

We are also having a customized night food tour. If you have interested in our traditional food culture, please contact our Tour Operator following this email for more information and booking request.

5. Is the transportation cost in Ho Chi Minh City expensive?

It is very cheap to travel around in the city. You can choose to go by taxi or by bus. There are some services providing travelling by local scooters which is very safe and convenient for you to immerse in one of the craziest traffics in the world.


  • VinaSun Taxi: 15,000 VND/km
  • Mai Linh Taxi: 13,000 VND/km

Bus (No. 109 & No. 49 from Tan Son Nhat Airport to Center) with free wifi.
  • Route under 5 km: 12,000 VND/ticket
  • Route more than 5 km: 20,000 VND/ticket
(Price could be changed but always lower than 40,000 VND/ticket)

6. As we will be travelling to other places in your country, are there any organizations providing free tours like you in Hanoi & Hoi An?

In our network, we have partnerships with 2 organizations providing the same free tour services for foreigners in Hanoi and Hoi An. They are Hanoikids and Hoian Mates. If you feel interested in discovering other landmarks in Vietnam, feel free to contact them.

7. We will move to Mekong Delta River in some days. Where can we find suitable tour packages with reasonable prices?

There are some travel agencies providing the tours to Mekong Delta River with high quality and reasonable prices like TNK Travel Company (for big group tours) & Buffalo Tours (for private tours). Please email us so that we can help you book your tours.

1. Are we required to give donations as money?

We truly appreciate your contribution to help us grow and develop. It could be in any types: money, items or special gifts. From the bottom of our hearts, only special words can express our thanks to your donations.

2. Is there a specified amount of money which we have to give?

The answer is No. The donation is up to your evaluation on our tour guide and the quality of our services.

3. What will our donations be used for?

Your donations will be contributed for 3 main purposes:

  • Raising funds for our annual social projects such as Sky Lantern.
  • Training members and rewarding excellent tour guides for encouragement.
  • Administrative works & website maintenance.

For tourist, partners and donators

1. I have heard you have been doing social projects to improve education and tourist industry in Vietnam. What projects have you been doing this year?

Every year, we carry out Sky Lantern aiming at unprivileged children in remoted areas from September to December. We also hold Culture Exchange with international university students to promote culture in spring/summer.

2. I'm really into your social missions, which I want to participate in your activities. How can I make my contribution to your society?

If you really want to help poor children in Vietnamese rural areas or participate in our exciting exchange activities, feel free to drop us your message through email or any channels like Facebook. We are eager to have you as a part of the program. Maybe those experiences could help you understand more about Vietnamese people and the issues we are facing right now. Or if you are so busy, it is nice to have your donation and let us spread your goodwill to our targets.

For students

1. Do you recruit your members every year? What time does the recruitment happen? Can you tell me a bit about your selection rounds?

The recruitment time will be around September to October every year. We welcome all of the university students in Ho Chi Minh City to join us and have one-time experiences of being a tour guide and doing other social activities. Selection rounds are often Application form (Round 1), Teamwork (Round 2) and Interview (Round 3).

We always update these information on our Facebook fanpage. Therefore, please follow our fanpage to have the latest information.

2. Are there any criteria to become a member of Saigon Hotpot?

We are always looking for high resposible candidates who are proactive and love to communicate. English skill is required along with passion and contribution for our organization. More importantly, you must know how to work as a team to get well with other members.

3. I am not good at English but I have passions in tourism and I want to communicate with foreigners. How can I become a member of your organization?

Learning is a process that will never end. We do not require your superb English skills. You just know how to speak English and communicate with people well. We are always focusing on your strengths and realizing your potential abilities to help you become our members and develop in the future.
So don't be afraid to apply for the recruitment.

4. I know that Saigon Hotpot is a non-profit organization providing tour guide services for foreigners in HCM City. Therefore, do I have to guide tourists voluntarily without any support?

We are operating on the basis of volunteer. We need proactive members with high responsiblities and eager-to-learn attitude which can contribute their best efforts for the teams. In general, we will have small support and rewards for excellent tour guides. There are also numerous opportunities for you to develop yourself and start your career when joining us. So don't be afraid that you will receive nothing for your contribution.

5. In addition to being a tour guide, are there any kinds of activities I could perform when I join Saigon Hotpot?

At present, we have certain teams working on different tasks and projects. We have Project Development, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Tour Departments. Each team has specific tasks, where you could select from the first time joining Saigon Hotpot. Therefore, in addition to becoming a tour guide, you will be involved in many activities in order to help Saigon Hotpot develop.

6. Besides my interests in tourism, I love doing marketing activities. Can you tell me are there any departments or divisions for Marketing in Saigon Hotpot?

Yes, of course. You will not only become a tour guide but also have opportunities to develop website and Facebook fanpage when joining Marketing team. For other teams like Human Resources or Project Development, you can involve in planning & implementing social projects and annual recruitment team. Saigon Hotpot will help you integrate your potential abilities and gain practical experiences.

7. When I am officially in Saigon Hotpot team, are there any commitments do I have to follow?

With an aim to become the top free tour provider in HCM City, we are always having commitments to ensure the development of our members as well as the growth of our organization. Please remember that those commitments are set up in order to support your time in Saigon Hotpot. Therefore, take it easy and get ready to become our members.

8. If I have excellent performances during the time I'm in Saigon Hotpot, do you have any bonus or rewards for encouragement?

As we mention above, we always have small support and rewards for excellent performances. Many opportunities will be open for you in Saigon Hotpot.